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Southern Eats

Welcome to Southern Eats! Here you will find authentic Southern recipes passed down in my own family along with information about Southern culture. I moved to Canada from Alabama in 2001 and found it impossible to get any authentic Southern cooking up here, so I decided to show my new family just how good real Southern food can be. So far, I have only had rave reviews for all my dishes. I still add more recipes online from time to time, so keep checking back.

All about Ice Tea - the favorite drink of the South

Cast Iron Cookware - your great grandma probably used this and it is still a great choice today

Cobbler - a classic Southern dessert made with your favorite fruit

Grits - what they are and how to serve them

Holiday Meals:
     Summer Cooking - fresh ingredients and outdoor cooking
     Easter Cooking - a traditional Southern meal
     Thanksgiving Cooking - traditional for the holiday
     Christmas Cooking - a Southern holiday feast

Recipe Archive - lots more of my family recipes

Spices - my favorites and what you should keep on hand to cook Southern

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Small Appliances - items I find indispensable on my counter top

Southern Eats Cookbook
Want a copy of my recipes to keep in the kitchen? Here is your chance to have a printed copy of all the recipes on this website. Click the cover to purchase for only $9.99 at

Southern Eats Merchandise - get an apron, mug, or t-shirt.

Favorite Cookbooks - some of the best from my collection

Links to more Southern cooking sites!