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        Crock Pot BBQ        

There is nothing more traditional than pulled pork barbecue but the real stuff takes hours, a smoker, and a grill to make. Here is an easier version that you can make in your crock pot that tastes just as good. This can be made with pork, beef or even chicken.

Start with 2 lbs. of boneless pork, beef, or chicken, I find a boneless pork loin roast works great but any boneless meat should work. Cut it up in smaller chunks so it can cook quicker and brown the pieces in skillet. Set your crock pot on high,put the browned pieces of meat in, and cover it with barbecue sauce. You can use your favorite brand of sauce or my recipe. Let the meat cook for 3 or 4 hours or until it starts to fall apart when you stir it. If it is too soupy, let it cook a while with the lid off so it reduces. When it is at the desired consistency, stir it up well and make sure all the meat has fallen apart. Serve it by itself or on a bun.

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