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  Devil Eggs  

A nice side dish for a barbeque or as an hors d'oeuvre for parties.

6 large eggs
2 teaspoons spicy mustard (can use plain if you prefer)
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 heaping tablespoon sweet salad relish
salt (to taste)
green pimento stuffed olives (optional)

Place eggs in a large saucepan and cover with cold water. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the water to help prevent cracking. Bring to a boil then let boil for 5 minutes. Take off heat and rinse well with cold water then cover with cold water and add some ice to chill the eggs down. Let them sit at least 30 minutes like this as they will peel easier and not tear the whites. It is important to keep the whites as nice as possible so the finished product looks pretty. Once they are cool, carefully peel the eggs. Once all are peeled, cut them in half lengthwise with a sharp knife. If they are cool, the yolks should pop out easily, but use a spoon to help them if they stick. Put all the yolks in a mixing bowl and add the mustard, mayo, and relish. Mash the yolks with a fork and mix well to get as smooth a mixture as possible. Add salt to taste and mix in well. Put a spoonful of the mix in each egg white half, mounding up over the top a bit. Arrange on a plate or egg server and dust lightly with paprika. Garnish the top of each with a slice of green olive (sliced across so you get a ring of green with a red center) if desired. Chill for at least an hour before serving.

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