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Favorite Cookbooks

Some of the best cookbooks are the small local cookbooks produced by church and civic organizations, but they can be the hardest to get as they are usually very small runs and only sold in person by the members. I have many of this type of cookbook that I have acquired over the years and some of my favorite recipes have come from these. Here is a selection of cookbooks that are easily available and should be in any Southern cooks collection.

Southern Eats Cookbook
Want a copy of my recipes to keep in the kitchen? Here is your chance to have a printed copy of all the recipes on this website. Click the link to purchase for only $9.99 at

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
This is one of the first cookbooks I reach for when trying to make something I haven't tried before or if I am looking for a technique, substitute, or other basic info. I have had my copy for 25 years now and you can tell from looking at it that I have used and abused it! Definitely deserves to be in every cooks kitchen.

Best of the Best from Alabama: Selected Recipes from Alabama's Favorite Cookbooks
I found this one at Sam's Club 3 years ago and it contains many recipes collected from those small local cookbooks that I mentioned above. Definitely worth trying if you want authentic Southern cooking with 286 pages of goodies. It is part of a series that covers many states including Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky , etc.

The Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook
Southern Living 30 Years of Our Best Recipes: 30 Years of Our Best Recipes
This venerable Southern magazine has always had many excellent recipes in each issue and has an annual cooking contest. You can't go wrong with any of their cookbooks.

Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook
Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook is the book that launched his famous original creole seasoning as well as his company. It is a south Louisiana cookbook classic with over 750,000 sold. You can get his seasoning here. I use it all the time.

The Justin Wilson Cook Book
The Justin Wilson #2 Cook Book: Cookin' Cajun
I grew up watching Justin Wilson's cooking show on PBS and he always cooked up excellent Southern and Cajun recipes with a heavy dose of humor on the side. He has tons of cookbooks out and any of them would be a worthy addition to your library. These happen to be his first two.

Marion Brown's Southern Cook Book
This one has been around years but got an update recently. It contains over 1000 Southern recipes from famous households, restaurants, hotels, etc. Definitely worth a try.

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